Law office

Law Firm Dyankova & Stojcevski serves Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and individuals. Law firm was founded in 1992. Blagovest Djankov lawyer in the city. Sofia. Over time it was increased progressively from the skilled team working in law firms, thereby extending the areas and territories of deynostta.Kam Currently working at the law firm lawyer 5 covering all legal sector, 2 economists and numerous assistants, licensed appraisers engineers, financiers, consultants, forensic experts and now 19 years offer comprehensive legal services, subscription or incidental to its customers. Lawyers themselves fluent in Italian and English, employees who work with us also have extensive international experience and fluent in at least one foreign language, among which Italian, English, Russian, German and French. By 2012. our activity is organized in the form of a company registered under the Attorneys Act - a law drezhestvo with name Dyankova & Stojcevski but by 2013 the team was joined by Italian lawyers.

Direct contact of the native language, knowledge of the legal basis of the country of origin and specialization in various sectors of the Bulgarian law with the passage of time has established itself as the most fruitful model of working with many foreign clients of lawyer kantorata.Sashtevremenno multiannual practice, enable those skilled workers to the attorney's office accumulate rich experience in various legal sectors, including: civil, commercial, administrative and criminal law, the resolution of judicial and extrajudicial disputes, evaluation, purchase and reorganization of commercial enterprises, comprehensive legal services the activities of commercial companies, non-profit associations, foundations and registered religions, legal consulting transactions, preparation of contracts and accompanying documentation In carrying out their law firm guided by the basic principles and traditions of calling a lawyer *, by customizing relations with customers and effectively and in good time to meet the specific cases.
* "In the singular word lawyer advocatus translates from Latin as callings for help. Therefore the activity of lawyer before technical materialization develop moral level. Therefore the root of the word is DO NOT l to difficulties, the danger, the need, and the nobility of the Bar "